Saturday, 8 December 2012

होली - Holi Festival of Colours

While I was writing the post about Koh Phangan and the Half Moon Party, I thought about the partys I have been to and since I am not a huge party animal the Holi Festival in Berlin immediately crossed my mind. This event was incredible. I know a lot of people tried to criticize it and called it commercialized... probably true and the meaning behind this indian festival, that all people are equal for one day, wasn't ubiquitous all the time. But still I have to say, this experience was worth every penny and the atmosphere was amazing. It seemed like everyone was having the party of their life's. The only bad thing was, that none of our friends got tickets for the Holi, that was really sad and frustrating for us. But like I said before, the mood was so full of joy that everyone was partying with each other. I definitely look forward for next year's Holi and for now I will leave you with some impressions. 

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