Tuesday, 20 November 2012

HoHoHo... Christmas is coming

I know, I know it's still a month to go, but I am a Christmas fanatic and I always been a bit impatient, especially when it comes to presents. Thats probably the reason why I couldn't wait to write this wishlist post. And yes I know it's not realistic to get all of this stuff, but I don't need the permission to dream, right? 

So I dream a little Christmas dream. 


1 ♥ Dior "Oui Ring": I am craving for this one since... forever I guess. The ring is such a beauty and I am quite optimistic, that this wish isn't unrealistic at all. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2 ♥ Canon "EOS Mark III": Well I need a new camera, thats a fact. So why not the Mark III?  

3 ♥ Chloe "Susanna Boots": I saw movies about this thing called love at first sight, never really believed in it. Since Susanna crossed my way, I became a true believer. But there is one little detail I can't ignore, the bloody price. I can't believe that the only thing, which keeps us separated is money. That's my sad, sad story. Still I am not willing to give up on them, I will find my way to bring them home to me. 

 Kenzo "The Sweater": Let's face it, this sweater was seen way to often around the world. And yes that would be a reason to skip it from that list, but wait there is something about this sweater. I can't say what it is, I need to find it out. 

 Chanel "Quilted Flats": Usually Chanel Ballerinas are looking really weird on my feet. Believe me it was a whole new experience, I mean strange looking flats?! Come on, how is that even possible? But every time I tried them on, I had to laugh quite badly. These black quilted ones are an exception, they look magnificent and Chanel is always an investment. So thumbs up for these shoes.

 Celine "Luggage Bag": Isn't she a classy Handbag? Yes, she is. This little heartbreaker is to die for and for me a Must-Have. There is nothing more to add.

 Proenza Schouler "PS11": Another It-Bag for sure, this bad boy is for the cooler people around us. Have you seen the PS 11 Mini Classic Mirror as well? Need, Need, Need...


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